company registration Singapore
  • July 16, 2020

Singapore was rated as one of the easiest country to do business in Asia.  Many companies in emerging industries have settled in Singapore, Singapore has always been a world-renowned trade hub. Company Registration in Singapore is very easy.


Strong network of business participants

Singapore has an extensive network of buyers and sellers, as well as a combination of participants of various models and different commodities.

Singapore provides a neutral competitive environment in which no single producer or consumer can dominate the market. These factors promote price discovery and demand/supply matching and balance, and allow commodity marketing/trading entities to effectively construct transactions and create new commodities trading opportunities.


Human capital

Singapore provides a multilingual talent pool with knowledge and cultural awareness to promote marketing and trade with the world’s largest growth markets such as US, China, India and ASEAN. Singapore’s high standard of living and world-leading infrastructure also attract the highest decision-makers and leaders of major multinational corporation groups.


Financial and trade infrastructure

As a global financial center, Singapore provides:

(A) Various financial institutions

(B) Effective foreign exchange clearing, risk management infrastructure and convenient commodity exchange

(C) Extensive price discovery and hedging solutions


Singapore is in the regions with high business activity.

For international trade, Singapore is a preferred location because of the depth of Singapore’s trading market and Singapore’s proximity to major markets, driving the supply and demand of key commodities.


Business Environment

With direct flights to more than 350 global destinations, Singapore is the gateway between East and West, providing a central location for commodity marketing/trading entities to manage relationships with their counterparts across Asia.


Logistics and infrastructure

Singapore’s geographical advantage also benefits from its logistics capabilities, infrastructure and extensive use of processing and storage facilities.  Singapore is an important global shipping center.


Singapore and several countries have signed free trade agreements, investment protection agreements, and bilateral tax exemption agreements.

Singapore provides a good business environment for businesses, where you can conduct international business based on Singapore companies and avoid unnecessary double tax on income.


17% corporate income tax, Singapore companies established by foreign shareholders also enjoy tax relief policies.

The effective tax rate of Singapore’s corporate income tax is very internationally competitive. In the case of a Singapore company established by a foreign shareholder as a resident enterprise, it will also enjoy the corresponding tax relief policy.

And after paying corporate income tax, shareholder dividends are exempt from taxation.


Singapore company bank account opening is very convenient, and online banking is also easy to operate.

The bank account of the Singapore company can be set up , which is very convenient. Singapore local banks can provide customers with remote account opening services, whether it is for public or private accounts.


Legal and arbitration framework

Singapore provides political and economic stability and a strong legal and arbitration framework. This helps all organisations reduce the risk of withdrawing assets from Singapore and gives them confidence to invest in critical infrastructure and capabilities here.