Top Incorporated Singapore Businesses You Can Enter
  • November 28, 2018

Top Incorporated Singapore Businesses You Can Enter

To a lot of people, Singapore is known as a country that has one of the best tourist attraction centers in the world, with a serene atmosphere, as well as hospitable people. However, for those who really understand the country, all of these are the tip of the iceberg because the country has a lot to offer in terms of industrial and business settings. This is due to the economic stability of the country which has seen more companies incorporated in Singapore over the past few years. Apart from the economic stability of the country, other factors like tax policy as well as the ease of register new company in Singapore has also led to the incorporation of many companies in Singapore.

An evidence to this fact is the running of top tech firms of the world today in Singapore. We are talking about international firms like Microsoft and Apple, and the economy of the country has made sure that everything runs smoothly. So for people who will like to start up a business in Singapore, we are going to be analyzing the top growing businesses that were incorporated over the past few years. This would help to understand the business niche to invest in, and have an insight on the lucrativeness of the business.

Travel and Tourism

Like we earlier mentioned, the tourism scene of Singapore is so massive, and this has helped the growth and development of the travel industry of the country, making it a forerunner in revenue generation. Another added advantage to this is that the country is one of the safest places to be in the world, with little occurrence of violence. The Singapore tourism board report shows an increase in tourist visitors every year, with monetary figures running to billions of dollars. So if you are considering a business incorporation in Singapore, you might want to explore this industry.

Information Technology

The top tech leading companies of the world have all invested in the economy of Singapore by setting up offshore companies. However, one of the reasons why this has been a smooth sailing process is due to the fact that Singapore boasts of much-skilled labors in the IT field, something which cannot be found in every clime. There are a lot of IT services to offer, ranging from wireless networks, website development, digital marketing etc. Another advantage of this niche is the security and cyber laws that regulate the operationalization of this industry.


The Singapore government is doing the most to promote this sector of the economy, and due to this, it has been attracting a lot of other foreign investors. Although as of now we cannot say that this industry is a huge source of revenue, with investments made in this sector over the past few years, we are certain that sooner or later it would become a forerunner of the economy. So this is one sector you can look to invest in while looking to set up a business in Singapore.

Ensure that you are aware of the register new company in Singapore rules and regulations before the incorporation of your company. You can also make online research about the registration processes and hire an experienced company to help you out.