Singapore PR Application Consideration
  • September 9, 2019

PR must strive to contribute to our society while enriching our multiculturalism. Singapore is not only their new home, but also the home of their children.



  1. Age

Singapore is an aging society. The government welcomes young, fresh blood to join and make more contributions to Singapore. Therefore, the PR pass rate of young applicants is higher.

  1. Position

The higher the position of the applicant, the higher the salary, the higher the pass rate of the PR, but it is illegal to report wronginformation.

  1. Education

Highly educated talents are scarce resources, and high education and local education experience add points to the application.

  1. Engaged in the industry

Singapore is paying more and more attention to knowledge-intensive industries, so the correct industry will be given higher priority.

  1. Living time

Recommended residence time in Singapore should not be less than 183 days per year, and the PR application should be submitted three years after the work permit is granted.

  1. Family relationship

Immediate family members who live in Singapore for a long time are a big plus for immigration applications, such as parents or spouses.

  1. Social feedback

Volunteers and donations can add points to applicants. Participating in social activities means that applicants are willing to contribute to the Singaporean society.

However, it should be noted that a one-time donation or occasional volunteering is not counted

  1. Singapore integration

Singaporeans and communities can also participate in the approval process in existing procedures, for example, to get support from 5 to 10 Singaporeans. Although this is only a recommendation, it is still one of the important factor to proof that the PR’s ability in integrate into Singapore society.