Singapore’s fantastic infrastructure, warm weather, and good food make it a competitive place to live in, and many desire to gain Permanent Residency as well as citizenship in the future whenever possible. Permanent Residents (PRs) are allowed to reside in Singapore, and are granted additional benefits in housing, education, and healthcare that are unavailable to foreigners. It is the first step to becoming a citizen in Singapore, should applicants wish it.

TN Corporate Management is an agency that can provide Singapore PR application agent services, and help both corporate and non-corporate clients apply for permanent residence in Singapore. We have worked with a variety of clients from various backgrounds, and are able to provide advice based on your individual situation.

When you work with us, you will have the benefit of personalised consultancy and advice based on your individual cases, and our team will optimise your application for Permanent Residency in Singapore


Before you move forward with your Singapore Permanent Resident application, you should first know whether you qualify for it. You should be one of the following:

  • The spouse of a Singaporean Citizen (SC) or a Singaporean Permanent Resident (PR/SPR)
  • The unmarried child of a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident, either through natural birth or adoption
  • The aged parent of a Singaporean Citizen
  • The holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass (two types of work visas in Singapore)
  • A student currently studying in Singapore, or
  • A foreign investor in Singapore

This is the starting point for qualifications. When you apply for permanent residency, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore (who are responsible for the applications), will consider many other factors including:

  • Your familial ties in Singapore and your family profile – are you married to a local? Do you have family here? Are your parents here? What are your family’s backgrounds?
  • Your economic contributions – have you been working for a while in Singapore? Have you contributed to the economy in some way?
  • Your qualifications – your educational and work history
  • Your age, and
  • How long you have been living in Singapore


You will be applying for Permanent Residency through the ICA’s e-Service portal, something that, and you can execute the action to apply for PR through Singapore agents as well.

Once you are certain you would like to apply, you can speak to our team at TN Corporate Management so that we are able to guide you through the entire application process, including:

  • Ensuring that all documents are accurate and in order
  • Provide advice on other documents as needed
  • Help with writing engaging cover letters to be submitted as part of your application, including assisting with alignging the angle of your cover letter.

All of this will be able to help increase your chances for a successful application, although the ultimate decision lies with the ICA. While the Singapore Permanent Resident application can feel daunting for those who are unfamiliar with the local infrastructure, we at TN Corporate Management can help make it easier as we are familiar with the process.

A list of documents based on your circumstance can be found at the following links as well:

Category Document List
Spouse of SC, PR Link
Children of SC, PR Link
Aged parent of SC Link
Employment Pass or S-Pass Link
Student studying in Singapore Link
Foreign investor in Singapore Link

Unlike the above, foreign investors will be applying through the Global Investor Programme, which is managed by the Singapore Economic Development Board instead. We are also able to help you with this.


For non-investors – once your documents are in order, you will submit them on the online portal that the ICA has prepared. You can either fill in the details on the online form, or fill out the form offline before uploading the completed form.

  • If you are the spouse, child, or aged parent of a Singaporean Citizen, the Singapore Citizen will be the one to log onto the online portal and submit the application on your behalf.
  • If you are working in Singapore under the Employment Pass or S-Pass, you can log into the portal with your SingPass ID to file for the application yourself.
  • If you are a student currently studying in Singapore, you can log into the portal with your Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and the issuance date of your valid immigration pass, and file for the application yourself.

For investors – you will apply for permanent residency as mentioned through the Economic Development board. The process is outlined in the link above.

The process to apply for permanent residence in Singapore is lengthy, and you will likely hear back from them in about six months. They may contact you a little earlier if there are any issues with your application, but otherwise the process generally takes half a year.

Once approved, instructions will arrive for you to complete the formalities at the local office – for instance, to finish the production of your new identity card!

How much will it cost?

The application itself will cost around S$100, and payments can be made through credit/debit cards, direct debit from local bank accounts, or PayNow (a local method of transferring funds).

To understand the costs of applying for PR through Singapore agents, please do call us to get a quote.

Why engage a Singapore PR application agent

For those who are unfamiliar with Singaporean digital frameworks, it can get really confusing to understand how to navigate everything. On top of that, the terms used in government documents may be more difficult to understand due to the need for clarity. As such, many find it difficult to understand or go through with the application.

This is where an agent from TN Corporate Management could come in – as previously mentioned, we can help smooth the way for every aspect of the application. From initial enquiries and consultancy on your individual situation, to gathering the documents and ensuring that you know how to fill in all parts of the form when you finally apply, we can make sure that there are no mistakes (and therefore no delays) with your application whatsoever. This helps with increasing your chances of getting a good result in the application!

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