Package (A) FS & Tax: $650 per year

Package (B) FS, Tax + AGM: $790

Package (C) FS, Tax, AGM plus full sets accounts:

Accounting fee
  • 1 to 144 transactions per year = $450 (with full tax and secretary support, total fee per year will be $1000)
  • 145 to 300 transactions per year = $600 (with full tax and secretary support, total fee per year will be $1150)
  • 300 to 450 transactions per year = $900 (with full tax and secretary support, total fee per year will be $1450)

Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services

Companies registered in Singapore must maintain accurate records of accounts as per laws. At TNPL, we ensure day-to-day accounts maintenance and systematic execution of your accounts with our proficient bookkeeping service. Our financial experts bring forth their industry experience and insights to help you in smooth functioning of your business. So, leave your accounting woes to us and focus your attention on the core business tasks.

How Does Our Service Work?

To leverage our expertise in providing outsourced bookkeeping services, you don’t need to worry a bit. We provide a dedicated account manager to work closely as per your business’s changing needs. We will regularly review and organize your financial documents in accordance with specified laws. Our range of services encompasses drafting of financial documents As per Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, and we consistently monitor compliance issues as well.

Why Outsource Bookkeeping Services to TNPL?

If you run a business, every minute of your time matters. It must be spent on value creation for your company rather than dealing with exhaustive paperwork. This is where you can lay your trust in our bookkeeping services. Over the years, we’ve earned a solid reputation for providing affordable and effective solutions to our clients.

  • We maintain the pace with evolving technology. You can trust us for flawless bookkeeping services.
  • Flexible QuickBooks bookkeeping services that allow up-scaling or downscaling of our services as per changing volumes of financial transactions in your business.
  • Assured statutory compliance with the specific laws and guidelines framed by ACRA and IRAS.
  • Right from preparing a bank reconciliation statement to monitoring transactions based on provided information, we cover every aspect of your bookkeeping needs.
  • An experienced and dedicated team of professionals to manage your accounts effectively.


Make your bookkeeping more affordable today

When it comes to managing your books, one of the most challenging aspects of doing so is finding someone you can trust – and someone you can afford. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper may be too expensive for your business. That, though, does not mean that you simply have to sit and do the books on your own; you could hire our services instead. With vast experiences in providing our clients with accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore, we can make sure that your book management becomes much easier.

We understand why bookkeeping can feel like such a stress, and we also know how to make sure it can become easier. Through our outsourced bookkeeping, we can make sure that you:

  • Spend less time dealing with the preparation and handling of receipts and costs.
  • Don’t need to fully grasp your income and expenditure; we can do that for you.
  • No longer have to invest money in hiring someone in-house to do your books.
  • Can prepare for your working week without worrying about any misappropriated funds.
  • Take better control of your spending so that you can start to spend less, not more.

Get help from a trusted bookkeeping company in Singapore today

We’ve been involved in the bookkeeping industry for over a decade, and in that time we’ve helped many professionals and enterprises in Singapore manage their books via QuickBooks. This impressive and important part of global bookkeeping is seen as one of the most important investments for a business today – it’s the ideal way to stay on top of all of your accountancy needs.

Every business has to pay taxes in Singapore, and you will need to pay your own taxes on any salary earned. Finding the time to do all of the preparation that is needed for each tax deadline day, though, can be tough. We can help you to avoid having to do that by giving you access to bookkeeping expertise that handles it all for you.

We can sit down and discuss what our bookkeeping experts can do for you together. Simply let us know what you are looking for, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. From helping you get your accounts uploaded into QuickBooks to preparing your books from scratch, we can help you to do much of the work required so that you can pay your taxes without the fear of making a mistake.

Spend less time and money on bookkeeping today

Instead of having to invest in QuickBooks and take the time to learn accountancy on your own, contact us instead. We can make the often challenging process of becoming an accounting become so much simpler. Instead of investing vast sums of your money and your time into learning, we can do much of the work for you instead.

Whatever you are dealing with, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Check out our bookkeeping services in Singapore prices for more information!

As a reputable accounting and bookkeeping services company in Singapore, we believe in improving the efficiency and productivity of your business. We are a full-service company delivering consistent services to ensure 100% satisfaction to all our clients.

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