GST Registration

In Singapore, there is a broad-based system of consumption tax. It’s known as GST or Goods and Services Tax. This tax was implemented in order to make Singaporean economy more competitive with lesser reliance on income-based taxes. Almost all goods and services that are produced or imported in this city-state are liable to pay GST. But, some services are exempted from its net.

Every business needs to register for GST if the taxable turnover of the company exceeds S$1 million in the previous year or is expected to exceed that limit in the next 12 months. There is a lengthy process to apply and register for GST. That’s where we come to help you. We have a team of taxation experts to look after the entire process and to avoid discrepancies in application.

Procedure for Registration:

You can avail of GST registration in Singapore through an online portal of IRAS or by submitting an application in paper format. Whatever be your preference, we take care of every minute detail to ensure seamless completion of procedures. The process takes 30 days for compulsory registration and 30 days for voluntary GST registration. We not only file applications but also keep track of the latest updates for timely processing of the same.

How Do We Help?

TNPL is committed to providing expert assistance for fast and effective GST registration. We also ensure compliance with the laws and regulations specified for Singapore-based businesses. Our services include:

  • GST registration where we will register your company with IRAS by following all the mandatory steps on behalf of your business.
  • GST filing that includes returns based on the impact of this registration on your business. We ensure timely filing of returns along with routine follow-ups.
  • GST reporting in compliance with IRAS. We also manage and answer queries from the department and provide GST computation for your company.
  • GST planning based on a comprehensive assessment of your company and its operations. Accordingly, we advise the right GST filing cycle suitable to your business.


For anyone running a business in Singapore, handling Goods and Services Tax will become part of your daily business. The more preparation that you can do for making sure you can meet GST filing needs, the better. That’s why our GST filing in Singapore is one of our most popular services. People are all too aware of the challenges of filing taxes properly, and making mistakes with something as important as GST can become quite an expensive mistake to make.

That’s why our team is here to help you handle the challenges of GST filing in Singapore. We can instead make sure that you are:

  • Always on time and within the GST filing deadline, avoiding any incurred penalties.
  • Improving your level of consistency when it comes to your tax submissions.
  • Delivering accurate information that the government can rely upon in their analysis.
  • Never falling foul of the various regulations involved with GST filing.

Many businesses in Singapore can struggle with these important aspects of business registration, which is one of the biggest reasons why it can become such a frustration. If you would like to bring an end to these issues, then you should consider hiring help today.

Don’t let GST get in the way of your working week

When you are running a business, trying to find out all of the information that you need for GST filing can be tough. You often can find it hard to locate the time in any working day, or week, to make a record of all of your needed information. However, if you do not carry out filing as you should, then you could run into various problems.

A failure to comply with GST is not only damaging to your business, but it could lead to legal challenges being made against you. By making sure that you have expert assistance in making sure that all GST applications are accepted and all GST filing is done in the right timeframe, we take much of the stress out of handling your Goods and Services Tax.

There is no benefit to ignoring GST, and there is no reason not to reach out for help. If you find this complex and confusing part of Singaporean taxation hard to fathom and follow, then reach out for help today. Our team can work out where you are at in the GST filing process, and then help you solve any problems so that your filing can go through without a single problem.

For more help with GST filing that makes the problem so much easier to grasp, contact us today.

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