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  • August 2, 2019

Singapore is one of the Madrid Agreement countries, the registered trademark in Singapore is similar to other countries, but there is a big advantage in registering a trademark in Singapore, the approval time is short, usually a trademark certificate can be obtained in 4-6 months or even shorter.

As Singapore is a Madrid Agreement country, the weight of the trademark is in the international classification. It can be divided into 45 categories, 1-30 are products, and 31-45 are services.

A trademark is a mark used to distinguish an operator’s brand or service from other operators’ goods or services. Trademarks protect trademark registrants by ensuring that trademark registrants have exclusive rights to identify goods or services, or to license others for remuneration.

The Singapore Trademark Law was enacted in 1998 and has been in force since January 1999. Singapore is a member of the World Trade Organization WTO. It joined the World Intellectual Property WIPO in 1990, the Paris Convention in 1995, and the Madrid Protocol in 2000.

If the trademark registration is reviewed and it is considered that there is no problem with the application, the notice of the trademark registration will be published in the government gazette.

Anyone who files within two months of the publication of the notice may file an application for opposition to the registration of the relevant trademark. If you do not receive an application for opposition to registration, the Trademark Registry will officially register.

Finally, the Trade Marks Registry will issue a registration certificate to the applicant.

Benefits of registered trademarks:

  1. The trademark registrant has the exclusive right to use the trademark and is protected by law.
  2. Through trademark registration, you can create your own brand
  3. A trademark is an intangible asset that can be valued.

Singapore Trademark Registration System

  1. The constituent elements of the trademark

The shape of a word, letter, number, graphic or picture, badge, color or color, the shape of a container or outer package of a product (not just a shape for obtaining a certain function), a combination of the above elements and the like. Singapore also accepts non-visual trademarks such as sound, taste, and scent trademarks.

  1. Trademark categories and types

Singapore is classified under the International Agreement for the registration of trademarks, which includes 34 categories of goods and 11 types of services.

Applicants can apply for a certain type of goods or categories based on the company’s business content and the trademark/service category they want to protect.

  1. Use priority system

Singapore is a priority country that uses the original voucher of the trademark to identify the right holder.

  1. Term of registered trademark

The registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of application. After the expiration of the validity period of the registered trademark, if it needs to continue to use, it shall apply for renewal of registration within 6 months before the expiration of the period. The validity period of each renewal registration is 10 years.

Singapore trademark registration materials

  1. Applicant’s name and address
  2. If the registered trademark is a color pattern, please provide 6 trademark patterns; if the registered trademark is black and white, simply provide a trademark pattern.
  3. List of products or services with registered trademarks and registration categories
  4. Priority documents, if priority is required
  5. Application for trademark registration
  6. Trademark registration agency power of attorney