Do I Need To Register My Online Business In Singapore new
  • April 24, 2022

Yes, you must register your internet company in Singapore if you want a rapid response. There are several exceptions to the need to register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority as out in Section 5 of the Business Names Registration Act, or BNRA (ACRA). According to ACRA, you must register your company if you are constantly engaged in an activity to generate profit for yourself or others.

No one can deny the explosive growth of Singapore’s internet-based firms over recent years, which now generate billions of dollars yearly. For example, the city-commerce state’s income is expected to reach US$ 2.4 billion by the end of 2020. A compound annual growth rate of 12.1% is expected during the following years, bringing the total market value to US$ 3.8 billion by 2024.

The reality is, that you can get on the eCommerce bandwagon and take part in the digital revolution if you so choose. When it comes down to it, establishing an internet company may seem to be a simple procedure at first, but it may quickly become complicated.

The registrar of companies could, for example, convince you to continue without incorporating your firm. After all, aren’t e-commerce businesses meant to operate virtually in the cloud as a matter of principle? In Singapore, the formal business registration procedure is mandatory for all businesses.

In Singapore, Why Do I Have To Register My Online Business?

Having your online company registered in Singapore by the Singapore company registration service has several advantages. Because of these two factors, it is essential to establish your internet company in Singapore.

  1. Avoidance Of Legal Responsibility

If you have a sole proprietorship or operate a firm under your name, you may be able to utilize your assets to pay for business losses. You may also put your assets in danger if you are sued by a customer, depending on the number of damages you must pay. In contrast, if you choose to register with ACRA for your internet business, your business and personal assets are kept separate.

  1. Tax Reduction

Personal tax rates in Singapore may go up to 22%, whereas corporation tax is just approximately 17%. Newly-registered companies are eligible for tax deductions for the first $300k of their chargeable income during their first three years of operation. Partial Tax Exemption or PTE might be granted for the first three years of your company’s existence.

Other Advantages Of ACRA Singapore Registration For My Online Business?

To provide integrated Singapore company registration services for newly registered enterprises, ACRA has worked with several other organizations. Pro-enterprise and one-stop business facilitation are two of the aims of this new strategy. The following are some of the services we offer:

  1. The Process Of Obtaining Licenses

To get your company up and running, you must first apply for the necessary permissions and licenses from ACRA. Business owners may apply for numerous licenses at the same time via the GoBusiness Licensing platform.

  1. Name Reservation

ACRA permits you to reserve up to five domain names ending or. sg via SGNIC or the Singapore Network Information Center in BizFile once you have registered your firm. You will be notified as soon as the nominated domain names become available for purchase.

  1. Incorporation Of A Brand Name

A symbol or indication that differentiates your goods from other brands is a trademark. Business owners who have a registered mark may stop competitors and others from using the same name as theirs. As part of the ACRA Singapore’s BizFile service, you may apply to register your trademark with the Singapore Intellectual Property Office (IPOS).

E-retailers must adhere to the Online Code of Practice (ICP) as part of the regulation of internet content. It restricts the transmission of content deemed undesirable under Singaporean law. Various laws and regulations apply to your internet company depending on the sort of services you provide.

It’s a terrific chance for company owners to take advantage of e-commerce. However, registering with ACRA is just the first step in getting an internet company off the ground. A business owner needs to be aware of the rules that regulate the internet market.

If You Want To Start An Online Business In Singapore, What Are The Registration Requirements?

All internet firms’ business registration Singapore procedures differ somewhat, as you’ll see. The criteria, costs, and processes for forming a corporation depend on a variety of factors, including the kind of corporate structure you choose for your company.

There are a few advantages to forming a Singapore Sole Proprietorship since the business registration Singapore procedure is so straightforward and inexpensive. Singapore Limited Liability Companies, on the other hand, have a lot of complicated compliance requirements, but they make up for it with a lot of corporate advantages.

Singapore’s Partnerships, on the other hand, provide the best of both worlds. The registration of a Singapore Sole Proprietorship business is easier and cheaper, but the registration of a Singapore LLC firm is more difficult and more expensive.

The following are the minimum prerequisites for establishing a traditional Singapore web-based company when everything is taken into account:

  1. A distinct name for a firm or business.
  2. Singapore’s official business address.
  3. All the personal information about the company’s owners and directors.
  4. An explanation of the company’s actions.
  5. A company’s charter or bylaws.
  6. The amount of money that a corporation has in its bank account.
  7. Each employee’s official government-issued identity papers.
  8. Ideally, there should be one Singaporean resident director on the board, whose role might be dual-hatted with that of shareholders.
  9. An auditing firm.


Even in a favourable business climate like Singapore e-commerce has enormous potential. Potentially, you might turn your concept into a multi-million-dollar internet business All aspects of your company strategy, from planning to registration to compliance, are influenced by how you approach your business.

But don’t worry about the nitty-gritty minutiae. Our Singaporean corporate professionals are here to assist you with all the registration nuances of company establishment, as well as lead you through your online business journey. Get in contact with our Singapore company registration service immediately and let’s talk about your Singapore business name, Singapore company formation rules, corporate taxes, payroll administration, company secretary, or compliance filing.