• August 12, 2023

In recent years, the idea of a virtual office has been increasingly popular, especially among start-ups, small enterprises, and freelancers. With a virtual office, you can give your company a physical address and phone number without the cost and commitment of leasing a real office. It is an appealing choice for new company registration since it enhances your organisation’s professional image and adds an astonishing amount of flexibility to your work structure.

What Is a Virtual Office?

In particular, for freelancers, small company owners, and beginning entrepreneurs, a virtual office is a very cool idea. You receive a real address and telephone number while avoiding the hassle of leasing actual office space.

First, it provides a degree of professionalism, giving your small business or start-up a “big company” impression without the cost of leasing an actual office space.

Second, it enables you and your company to operate from any location at any time. In our fast-paced world, when being nimble and adaptive is the key to success, this has the potential to be a true game-changer.

A wide range of services are offered by virtual offices. In addition, to call answering services, where a live person answers calls on your behalf, you’ll receive a registered office location, the chance to hire a meeting space and other benefits.

But before choosing a virtual office provider, be sure they can offer a registered office location that complies with ACRA’s specifications.

Can a virtual office be used in Singapore as a registered office address?

The simple answer is: yes, a virtual office can indeed serve as a registered office address in Singapore. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) requires every company incorporated in Singapore to have a registered office address within the country, where all communication and notices to the company may be addressed. This address needs to be operational and open to the public during normal office hours.

A virtual registered office address is compliant with these regulations. Your company can have a virtual address in Singapore where all official government letters will be sent. This works perfectly for those businesses that don’t want to splurge on renting or buying a physical office space, significantly reducing the Singapore company registration cost.

Especially beneficial for small businesses, startups, or foreign businesses looking to set up an offshore company in Singapore, it provides a reputable Singapore address for your company without the hefty real estate investment.

Just one thing to note – you’ll need to ensure your virtual office provider is authorised by ACRA to act as your registered office. The provider must be a registered filing agent, authorised to make ACRA-related filings on your behalf, and must adhere to ACRA’s compliance regulations.

What Advantages Do Virtual Registered Office Addresses Offer?

There’s quite a bit to gain from having a virtual registered office address.

For one, it enhances the professional image of your company, regardless if you’re working from home, in a co-working space, or in your favourite cafĂ©. A virtual business address in Singapore offers your business a certain level of prestige and respectability.

Next, it provides a layer of privacy protection. By using a virtual business address, your home address can be kept out of public records, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Moreover, many virtual office providers offer mail handling and forwarding services, meaning you’ll never miss any important documents.

Finally, a virtual registered office address gives you location flexibility, allowing you to operate your business from anywhere while maintaining a prestigious Singapore address.

Eligibility to have a virtual registered office

In Singapore, virtually any company can utilise a virtual registered office address. The service provider must simply meet the requirement that they are an ACRA-registered filing agency.

This indicates that the supplier has permission to do specific tasks on your behalf, such as filing yearly returns and updating your company’s information on the ACRA website.

Foreign businesses wishing to expand in Singapore have found this option to be highly popular.

Is a Virtual Office Suitable for Your Business?

Well, that depends on your company’s requirements. For companies of all sizes, a virtual office may provide several advantages.

It may help you save quite a bit of money, particularly if you’re just starting and need to keep expenses in check.

If you and your team are tech-savvy and at ease utilising software, applications, and online platforms, it also works fantastically.

A virtual office might be a great substitute for actual office space if your staff works remotely or from home. You may use the virtual office address as both your postal address and registered office address. Your virtual office services may be expanded to include conference room rental and other services as your business expands.

How to Choose the Right Virtual Office?

All right, we’ve seen the benefits, and we’ve seen who it’s for, but how do you choose the right virtual office for your business? Here are a few pointers.

Price: Compare different virtual offices and pick one that fits your budget. Then, check the services included in the package. Are they providing call answering, mail forwarding, and meeting room rental?

Location: Pick a virtual office in a location that’s convenient for you and your clients.

Background check: Lastly, do a background check on the provider. Look at their track record, client testimonials and reviews. You’ll be able to gauge the standard of their service from this.

Steps to Set Up Your Virtual Registered Office Address

So, you’ve decided a virtual office is for you, and you’ve picked a provider. Now what? Well, once you’ve found the right provider, it’s pretty straightforward.

  • Decide the best suitable location for your business.
  • Review and select a package that suits your needs.
  • Register your virtual address with ACRA.
  • Make sure to update all your business contacts with your new address.
  • Make sure to renew your package when the time comes.

Best Practices for Managing Your Virtual Registered Office Address

Having a virtual office address doesn’t mean you can completely forget about it. You need to keep an eye on mail and documents sent to your virtual office address.

Make the most of additional services like meeting rooms and telephone answering. Review and renew your service contract regularly.