An Insider’s Look: How Singapore Attracts Foreign Businesses?
  • January 10, 2019

An Insider’s Look: How Singapore Attracts Foreign Businesses?

Singapore attracts foreign business owners and corporations looking to make a global start for a variety of reasons. Singapore is central to much of Asia and is visited by millions of people per year. Singapore has a strong legal system and simple tax laws that make it easy for business owners to turn up huge profits.

Singapore is also family friendly and fosters continuing education and innovative thinking. Company incorporation services Singapore can help you find out more about moving your business to Singapore.


Singapore is conveniently located in Southeast Asia and is just a short flight away from many large markets. Starting a business in Singapore could mean reaching most of Asia. Singapore is home to one of the busiest ports in the world.This means Singapore is a great spot for networking and creating relationships. For more than 20 years, Singapore’s airport has been ranked as one of the best in the world and it sees more than 20 million people a year. This means Singapore has a lot of potential consumers.

Singapore Promotes Businesses

Singapore’s government lacks the requirements that most governments have to start a new business. It is fairly easy to start a business in Singapore. Singapore actually encourages foreign investors and businesses to come to Singapore in order to increase revenue and promote economic growth.


Singapore’s tax system is business friendly. It has one of the world’s lowest tax rates. Corporations have a maximum tax of 17%. There is no capital gain tax. This attracts foreign businesses and corporations starting a new presence because it is inexpensive and saves them money.


Singapore has an open immigration policy. Foreigners are welcome to move to Singapore to start new businesses. Many people are even able to bring their families.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Singapore is focused on building its economy and fostering new businesses. They have excellent laws which protect individual rights to intellectual property. They have created and enforce strong copyright and trademark laws to protect businesses and individuals.

Open Government

In promoting the growth of new business, Singapore’s government is very open and willing to work with foreign investors. They know new business means continued economic growth and encourage newcomers. They have implemented laws and procedures that make it easy for new businesses to come into the country.

Workforce Availability

Open immigration policies and progressive thinking attract highly skilled people to Singapore. Singapore has a diverse population of highly educated people. The people are a great resource as potential employees for new businesses that can offer creativity, skill, and even bilingualism. Furthermore, Singapore natives work hard to keep up with the influx of immigrants and also make great candidates for foreign corporations looking to hire new talent.

Excellent Place to Live

Singapore is well maintained. It has excellent public transportation and communication systems. Singapore has top-rate health care for all of its residents. Singapore is clean and safe. The people who live in Singapore are business oriented and prioritize education. Not only is Singapore a good place to start a business, but it is also an excellent place to bring a family. Many corporate leaders bring their families with them to Singapore.

In the end, hiring the best company incorporation services Singapore can make the whole process a walk in the park!