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Payroll service from $2 per head per month (Employee Self Service), Full Payroll service From $10 per head per month, Company registration fee at $380

Welcome to Tn Corporate Management Pte Ltd.

We are your trusted partner in corporate accounting services, payroll services, corporate tax services and corporate secretarial services. Since 2004, we have been helping entrepreneurs flourish their businesses by taking care of the administrative and statutory requirements for them.
As a result, business owners are able to focus on strategically growing their businesses and maximising their profits while being accurately compliant with the government.

At Tn Corporate Management, your success is our success

Corporate Accounting Services

Cut to the chase with accounting and get only the numbers that mean the most to you: your cash flow and profit.

Our expert Accounting Services delivered by a CPA gives you the numbers that you need to make the best business decisions on time.

We take care of bookkeeping and reports generation such as Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Debtors And Accounts Receivables Listing, among others.

Keep a sharper eye on and wisely manage your cash flow with accurate reports made available on time, all the time.

Corporate Tax Services

There is no beating around the bush with IRAS. We make sure that you are submitting accurate tax return.

At the same time, we also educate you about tax exemptions which you may be entitled to.

The key to appreciating taxation as part of your business is in having a long-term tax planning that best suits your business structure and your current business standing. We offer professional tax planning advice so you get a win-win situation by honestly paying your taxes and at the same time claiming tax deductions which are truly yours.

Payroll Services

By tapping a professional service provider like us for payroll services, you will dramatically streamline your process, reduce cost, and achieve consistent and high quality service all the time. Payroll preparation is time-consuming. Licensed payroll programmes can be pricey. By having us prepare your payroll, you no longer have the need to employ a payroll staff or to buy payroll software.

We are also abreast with changing regulations so you can be sure you are accurately compliant. No worries of facing possible raps from the Ministry of Manpower for unknowingly not paying the right CPF contributions for your employees. We ensure payroll matters are handled accurately as well as in strict confidentiality.

Company Set Up And Registration

Do you have the entrepreneurial fire burning within you? Do you have a product or service to offer which the market is hungry for? Do you have the entrepreneurial fire burning within you? Do you have a product or service to offer which the market is hungry for?

If you do but you don't have the experience of company set up and registration, we can take care of you from the very start of your business.

We ensure that your company is set up according to the most appropriate and strategic structure for your business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, private limited company, or limited liability partnership. We give you professional advice on which structure is best in terms of corporate tax, stability, protection for shareholders, nature and size of your business, among other pertinent considerations.

The decision you make today about which business structure to set up will impact your taxation and business operations later on. Get sound professional advice to ensure your stability and success.

Corporate Secretary Services

The Singapore Companies Act mandates that every company should have a corporate secretary. Our corporate secretarial services take care of maintaining statutory registers and minute books, proper documentation and filing of the Annual General Meeting, submission of Annual Return, and accurately compliant.

Our value is in the years of our experience. Without substantial experience, it is easy to get lost in the process of preparing these documentations.

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