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Payroll service from $10 per head, Company registration fee at $330, Corporate tax service at $700 per year, Corporate secretary service at $400 per year

Corporate Accounting Services

Corporate Accounting Services

TN Accounts & Payroll offers Corporate Accounting Services to match your business structure. We cover everything from bookkeeping to accounting management and reporting so you know your numbers and what these numbers mean to you.TN Accounts & Payroll is considered to be one of the leading accounting firms in Singapore. We provide our services to all kinds of businesses, we also provide accounting for services.

Management Accounting & Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the tedious work of recording transactions, whether these are expenses or revenue. Proper bookkeeping is crucial as this is the basis for reports generated whichyour business depends upon for strategic business decision and direction.TN Accounts & Payroll  also provides bookkeeping services so that you can utilize your precious time in taking care of your business.

Is your company’s turnover less than 5 million , no corporate shareholder and with individual shareholder less than 20 persons ? You can qualify for exemption for audit. Corporate Accounting services